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December PetBox: Review + Promo Code

dog cat petbox review

Maeby’s PetBox arrived just in time for Christmas! We got notice that it shipped a week before Christmas, and luckily we found it on our doorstep just two days before the holiday.

petbox logo

What is PetBox?

PetBox is a monthly subscription service for toys and treats for dogs and cats. With every PetBox purchased, PetBox helps to feed a pet in need.


dog loves petbox

Here’s what was in our box this month (clockwise from top left):

december petbox treats

I held off on giving Maeby her new toys until Christmas, but she didn’t really mind the wait, because she loves them. Not surprisingly, she’s also loving her new treats, particularly the Old Mother Hubbard treats. The L’il Brush Bones have an interesting smell to them, but Maeby seems to enjoy them all the same.

Now that we’ve been getting PetBox for a few months, I’m planning on putting together a list of our favorite products we’ve received so far. Check back in a few weeks to see what Maeby has been loving most!


Are you interested in PetBox for your dog or cat? Get 10% off your first box with code MAEBY.

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