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Barre3 UTC Review + Challenge

Last month, as part of my having a ClassPass, I had the opportunity to try Barre3 in UTC/La Jolla for the first time. After my previous experience at a different studio, I was hesitant to try barre again, but after a lot of encouragement from others, I decided to give it a shot. I chose Barre3 in UTC because of its central location, which made it easy to get to on a weekday after work, as well as its great reviews on Yelp. I’m really glad I decided to give barre another chance, because the experience I had at Barre3 was entirely different and from the moment I walked in, I felt like I was welcomed and wanted, and that the staff genuinely cared that I had a good experience.

barre 3 la jolla

As soon as I entered, the woman at the front (who I later found out was the Assistant Manager) was really friendly and helped me sign in and showed me around.

barre 3 utc

barre3 utc

I loved how clean the building was, and also how bright, yet warm, the barre studio was. My Monday evening class was with Stephanie, who also made every effort to make me feel comfortable from the beginning. She helped me get set up and throughout the class, she not only thoroughly explained the movements, but also did them herself, which helped me better understand what I was supposed to be doing. She also walked around and made sure everyone’s form was good, while offering modifications to the movements for those who were having trouble or were new.

After the class, Stephanie and Sara (the Assistant Manager) asked how I enjoyed the class and my time at Barre3, and I shared with them my previous experience and resulting hesitation over taking another barre class, but also that I loved Barre3 and how wonderful my time there was.

Barre3 in UTC completely changed my impression of barre, and while I planned to return to the studio anyway, I’m excited to share that the Lauren, the Studio Manager, has invited me to participate in the Barre3 challenge!

barre3 challenge package

In addition to purchasing a challenge kit (above, which includes a tracking chart, tote, wristband and water bottle), the challenge involves taking four barre classes a week, one online class, and trying a new Barre3 recipe each week (which you receive in weekly email newsletters). The challenge began last Monday and goes through February 1.

I really appreciate that Barre3 has given me this opportunity and I can’t wait to share my experience, how I feel and the results after a month of barre.

Have you ever done a barre class, or a month-long challenge for a different type of class? What was your experience like?

10 thoughts on “Barre3 UTC Review + Challenge

  1. Yayyyy for Barre! (Not that I’ve ever done it. I just really think I’d like it, haha.) And Yelp, because it usually does not fail me! ❤

    Would you believe me if I told you that since the inception of my Yelp Elite status back in 2009, I haven't been able to go to A SINGLE YELP ELITE EVENT?! (going off to cry in a corner 😥 )

    I'm hoping that will change this year. :] Good luck on your Barre3 challenge and I look forward to reading about it, so I can vicariously live through you! (There are no barre studios/classes anywhere around here. 😥 )


    1. How do you get Yelp Elite?! Just reviewing a ton of places?

      Thank you for the good luck! I’m excited to try it out and see what the results are. Also, if you’re interested, you can do barre3 online for I believe around $15 a month. I prefer the accountability of a studio, but others love it and it may be worth looking into!


      1. Yes indeed! I think eventually one of the community moderators notices it and nominates you. Technically, you can nominate yourself too but I’ve never done that because I always forget when they take em’ and all that goodness.

        That’s awesome! I might do it for the month of March since I’m not gonna have a gym that month! (Hopefully I’ll keep myself accountable… :O ) Thanks for letting me know about it! :]!


  2. Just checked out their website and it looks like they have barre3’s all over the place which is great. I love barre and am always interested in trying new places to see how they are compared to my classes.


    1. It’s a really awesome workout that incorporates a ballet bar into a workout with small movements. We do a lot of leg work with squats, lunges, and holding specific positions, and we also use small weights with small movements that are absolutely killer! It’s a tough workout but kind of relaxing at the same time, and it’s definitely working!


  3. Oh my god, I LOVE Barre3! When I lived in Philly there was a studio that opened up near my office. I went to one of the free opening week classes and was hooked! I joined as one of the founding members and got a big discount on monthly classes, and was so obsessed with it that I went like 4 days a week. I hate working out with other people, but there is something about Barre3 that was so welcoming, fun, and relaxing and I couldn’t get enough! I definitely got toned and could tell it was doing wonders for my arms and abs. When I moved to Alaska a few months later I was so sad because we have nothing like that up here! I was just complaining about it in my last post too! I am so excited for you and wish I could join you for class!


    1. Yes, Barre3 is so great! I’m especially surprised since I had a less-than-great experience at a different barre studio last month, but I’m so glad I decided to give barre another chance because I’m loving it. That’s awesome you were able to get a big discount on it, and I agree with you that I generally don’t like working out with other people but this is different. Maybe because it takes so much focus, so I’m not really paying attention to anyone else, and I assume they aren’t paying attention to what I’m doing? Who knows haha…either way, I’m loving it!


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