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ClassPass San Diego: My Experience

Last month, I was given an opportunity to try ClassPass. I had heard about this service prior to its launch in San Diego, as bloggers in other cities highlighted it when it launched in their city. When it came to San Diego, I was honestly really excited about it. I had heard a lot about it and was happy that it was finally in America’s Finest City.

ClassPass launched in San Diego in mid-November, and I began my 30-day trial with it on December 1.

For $99 a month, you get unlimited classes at a variety of participating studios all around San Diego (with a maximum of 3 classes per month at a studio). I get bored really easily, so I really enjoyed the variety of workouts I was able to do with my membership.

ClassPass is super easy to use – the website is very user-friendly, and signing up for a class is literally, as easy as a click of a button. You can view classes by day or on a studio map, and also filter these classes by type, neighborhood, and the specific studio. You can sign up for classes (usually) a week in advance, so it makes planning out your next week of workouts really easy.

classpass signing up

Once you sign up, you get a confirmation email and then can add that class to your calendar.

I’d also like to add that customer service is very efficient and helpful – I had to contact them a few times about missing class schedules, etc, and they got back to me within an hour or two.

When you sign up, ClassPass also gives you a friendly reminder about its cancelation policy:

cancel classpass

I’d like to note that I know that some people are really turned off by this feature, because who wants to pay $20 on top of the $99 per month you’re paying for a service? I actually found this feature useful, because I’m an expert at making excuses to not exercise (especially when I get home from work). This held me accountable for classes and ensured that I was going to work out even if I didn’t feel like it that day.

That being said, my work schedule is pretty reliable, but if I had a job that sometimes required me to unexpectedly stay late, I’d be frustrated by the $20 fee. I’d love to see ClassPass maybe do a smaller fee for a shorter window of time (such as $5-$10 for 2-4 hours before) and then maybe the $20 fee if it’s less than 2 hours until class time, or something like that. Things do come up sometimes (such as meetings or other work-related events, illness or, especially in SoCal, traffic), so it would be nice if ClassPass could figure out a way to accommodate things like these. At the same time, I would love it if ClassPass would offer an opportunity to switch classes (for example, switch an earlier class with a later one at the same studio, or vice versa) when there is availability, without being charged the $20 cancelation fee.

Here are the issues I ran into:

Kayla and I went to a kettle bell class at a studio nearby. Upon arriving, we learned that we needed to take a required intro class prior to our first class. This information was not listed anywhere on the ClassPass site, so we weren’t aware of this requirement and we wasted our time going to this studio, but not being able to take a class.

– Some of the studios were missing schedule information (including the kettle bell studio noted above), but I imagine that this issue was because ClassPass was still new to San Diego and was getting itself established.

In the end, I attended seven classes at six studios:

The month I had to try out ClassPass is over, but I loved it so much that I signed up for it. The thing I enjoy most about ClassPass is the variety of classes I can take, but as I mentioned, I also like the accountability it creates through its cancelation policy, and it also gave me an opportunity to explore different parts of San Diego. I’ve already gotten a few friends on board as well, so attending classes together has been a lot of fun and something I’m definitely looking forward to.

If ClassPass is available in your city, is it something you’ll look into? If it’s not currently offered where you are, is that something you’d want access to?

2 thoughts on “ClassPass San Diego: My Experience

  1. hehehe, being the super frugal person I am, that $20 would’ve kept me very accountable too! I hope I’ll someday get to live near a city where it’s offered! :] The classes you tried out all sounded like so much fun (I love variety as well 😛 )–I’d love to try it out!


    1. Hey, $20 is a lot! I don’t blame you at all. The variety is really awesome and if you can find a boxing studio near you, I definitely recommend it. That was such a fun and unique way to work out…and it nearly killed me haha.


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