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Barre3 UTC: Challenge Review

As I mentioned last month, while trying out ClassPass, one of the studios I tried out was Barre3 in UTC/La Jolla. I had previously tried out another barre studio in San Diego and had a pretty negative experience. I was hesitant to try barre again, but after a lot of encouragement from others, I decided to give it a chance, and I’m glad I chose Barre3.

In the beginning of January, Lauren, the manager of Barre3 in UTC invited me to try out the Barre3 Challenge, which would involve taking four barre classes a week, one online class, and trying a new Barre3 recipe each week (which you receive in weekly email newsletters). The challenge began Monday, January 5 and ended yesterday, Sunday, February 1. After having such a positive first experience at this studio, I excitedly told her that I was interested and that week, the challenge began.

barre 3 UTC challenge.png

Each Barre3 class consists of:

  • Warm-up
  • Leg work
  • Combo work (this is when you use weights and do full-body exercises)
  • “Seat” work
  • Abs
  • Stretching/cool-down

Classes are an hour long, and movements are small – you are literally told to move up an inch and down an inch. Don’t let the small movements fool you though – classes are tough!

Committing to four days a week was pretty easy for me; I usually attended two classes during the week and two on the weekend. Class times are consistent and offered throughout the morning and evening, so I never had a hard time fitting in a class, and the instructors rotate which classes they teach, which was great because I think I had a class with every single instructor at least once. They all have different styles, but I got to know them all, and all of them are friendly, helpful and there to give you a solid workout.

The weekly 10-minute workout was also part of the challenge. I usually did these after a run, and it was nice that I was able to do it at home. Overall, the digital support provided throughout the challenge (through weekly emails and podcasts), was really nice, but the support I felt at the studio was even better.

barre3 utc challenge
(image courtesy of the Barre3 UTC Instagram)

There was a chart on the wall where we’d put a sticker for each class that we came to, and challengers supported each other. People talked about it, encouraged each other, and the creator of Barre3, Sadie Lincoln, even came to the UTC studio to teach classes and get people even more excited about the challenge.

So what were my results from the Barre3 Challenge?

I didn’t take measurements since I don’t have a measuring tape, but I can tell you that there was a significant change in the composition of my body, and I did lose a few pounds. Jeans that were feeling a little tight prior to the challenge are actually comfortable to wear, and friends noted that I look more toned and everything looks a little tighter. My posture improved, clothes began fitting better, and I genuinely looked forward to class each day.

Keep in mind that I’ve tried every exercise in the world – Bikram, CrossFit, Les Mills classes, long distance running, spinning, and yoga. I can honestly say that none of these exercises have changed my body as much as Barre3, and I’m excited about these changes.

The challenge might be over, but I’ve enjoyed Barre3 so much that I plan on continuing with classes, and have even purchased a two-month membership at the studio in UTC.

Have you ever done a “challenge” at a studio? What kind of workout has prompted the most significant change in your body?

Disclosure: Barre3 UTC provided me a complimentary month of service in exchange for sharing my experience with the Barre3 Challenge. All opinions, as usual, are my own. 

10 thoughts on “Barre3 UTC: Challenge Review

  1. That’s so cool that they have a challenge like that, and it sounds like a great experience + way to stay motivated! 😀 The pole studio I was at back in CA did have monthly challenges, but I don’t think they’ve ever been studio-wide so much as it’s been monthly challenges for each class. I may have to pitch this idea to them! ❤


    1. It was definitely a great experience, and as silly as it sounds, being able to put a sticker on that chart kept everyone going 🙂 I would definitely pitch this idea to them; it was a great way to get people involved and excited/talking about the studio and classes.


  2. I’ve done a bikram yoga challenge before and really liked it. It was nice clearing my head every day, but it was more than just 4 classes/week, it was an every day thing. That was tough sticking to but I enjoyed it anyway!


    1. That Bikram challenge sounds tough! Good for you for sticking with it – I can definitely see how it would help you keep your head clear!


  3. I’ve never done a challenge but I have tried classes at Barre3 and absolutely love it! I’ve tried a few different studios so far in San Diego and really enjoy the type of workout. That’s pretty awesome that Barre3 offers recipes and an online class! I had no idea


    1. Yes – I love how the classes incorporate elements of yoga and pilates. And the recipes are all really good! Online classes are definitely helpful, and what’s great is that for those who are interested, Barre3 offers a very affordable online membership where individuals can complete 60-minute classes from their living room (which is especially nice for those who aren’t living near a Barre3 studio).


  4. I danced (ballet, jazz, and lyrical) in studios for 8 years growing up so I’ve always been interested in barre studio classes but haven’t tried one yet! I really like the support aspect of the “challenge” because sometimes I need that extra push/motivation to get my workouts in throughout the busy work-week! I’ll have to look into it! Great review, thanks!


    1. Thanks for your comment Bre! A lot of the instructors have dance backgrounds, so I definitely think it’s something you would enjoy. If you try it out, let me know what you think!


  5. That’s pretty impressive that you did a week of Barre! I love barre workouts, but would probably die if I tried that challenge! Maybe I’ll try out Barre3… 🙂


    1. Thank you Devon! I think the challenge is actually pretty do-able, since it’s a minimum four times a week. After the first week, classes are still a challenge but it gets slightly easier. Some people did barre everyday! Now that is impressive. If you end up trying barre3, let me know what you think!


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