Choose happiness.

choose happiness

One of my new year’s resolutions was to do more of what makes me happy. I also mentioned that I’d like to stop being so scared to make decisions that will positively affect my happiness.

Long story short, though I had only been at my previous employer for a little over a year, I wasn’t happy. I won’t get into specifics, but I was at a point where I was actually dreading going into work, often feeling anxious and sick to my stomach on weekday mornings. I got a lot of feedback from people that “no one loves their job” or “no job is perfect.” I’d like to state that the former is false; the people who say that are the ones who don’t love what they do. And that’s okay for some people. But for me? I want to look forward to work every day. The latter part of the above is true; not every day is going to be perfect. There will be challenges and some days might be difficult, but if you are unhappy about something every day, then that something is not right for you. So anyway, you know what I did? I began looking for new jobs. I was selective about what I applied to, but in the end, I made the choice to move into a new position at a new company, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t happy about something then you should change it. You can change it.

I got sick of being unhappy and decided to choose happiness.

And this doesn’t just apply to jobs – it applies to everything.

Are you unhappy with your partner? Work with them to make some changes, or if it’s beyond that point, then move on. Don’t like your current living situation? Find a new one. Bummed out that you’re lacking a specific skill? Learn that skill.

In the end, you have a choice that you can make every single day. If you aren’t happy, then do something about it.

The choice is yours.

How do you choose happiness?


6 thoughts on “Choose happiness.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Dogs really have an amazing ability to put things in perspective. I actually said that to Adam last week – I wish I could be as excited about anything as Maeby is about everything.


  1. Dreading going in to work each day can be really draining and depressing. :[ I’m so glad you’re in another job now! ❤ I was in a situation that I couldn't exactly change for the past couple weeks, so I tried to trick myself into being happy, haha. It worked, for the most part, and I'm working with someone new now, so I'm infinitely happier! :D!


    1. Thank you for your support, Farrah! I’m happy to hear that you got out of a negative situation as well, and while you had to deal with it, you were able to trick yourself into feeling better. Sometimes, that’s all you can do!


  2. Congrats on your new job!! It’s hard waking up and not looking forward to the day, that used to be me a few years ago but I quickly realized that the only person who could change that was myself. Now I’m living 2500 miles away from where I was and working a career I absolutely love.

    I believe it’s also about taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. If someone isn’t happy with their current situation they can’t expect things to be any different with taking risks and being afraid to do new things.

    As cheesy as it sounds, I hope your new job brings you happiness!


    1. Thank you Sam! That’s really amazing that you took such a huge leap of faith, but not surprisingly, it worked out for the best, as it always does. I also agree that it’s about taking risks and trying new things. Thank you so much for the kind words – they’re not cheesy at all and I really appreciate them. 🙂


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