It all started back when I was in elementary school. We had a family dog named Emily. My mom got Emily when she was in her 20s and since I thought my mom was the coolest, I knew I wanted my own dog too.

Fast forward to middle and high school, when we had the best dog ever, named Oscar. He was truly the greatest dog anyone could ask for, and after almost 15 years, we said goodbye to him.

He was the reason I will always have a dog. Always.

In 2012, I learned about Paws to the Rescue at Marion County Animal Shelter, an animal shelter located in South Carolina. Unfortunately, there are a ton of dogs all over the country (but especially in the south) that need homes, and interestingly enough, they actually ship them up to shelters in the north (like the Humane Society) because while they have a hard time getting rid of these pups in the south, people up in the north want them. This shelter didn’t have that option but they did do a lot of networking with rescues around the mid-Atlantic and northeast, and my mom’s friend’s rescue was approved by this shelter. All I had to do was sort through the many, many photos of dogs that needed homes, and pick one out.

I had a tough time deciding between all of the puppies I had picked out, but when I learned that one of them would be at the shelter by herself (because her sister was being adopted out) and was scheduled to be euthanized on July 23, 2012, I made up my mind right then and there.


Here is how she appeared in the Facebook photo album. And while you might think those freckles on her are adorable, they’re actually fleas.

Fast forward a little over a week later, and after taking part in a two-day transport up the east coast, I picked up Maeby and brought her home.




She immediately became friends with my mom’s dog…


…and became my best friend.


If you’re thinking about buying a pet from a breeder or a pet store, please go to your local shelter or check out Petfinder to find dogs, cats, and many other kinds of pets that are available for adoption through a local shelter or rescue.

Maeby has a life that she wouldn’t have had without the power of networking and animal rescue, and you can change an animal’s life (and your life) by taking advantage of all of the wonderful resources out there.

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