Buying baby monitors with privacy and security in mind

baby monitor

Baby monitors (baby cams) let new parents keep a watchful eye and ear over their bundles of joy. Modern versions of baby monitors come equipped in many forms: audio-only devices let you listen in on the baby’s sounds; smart video monitors give you the chance to watch, soothe and even entertain your baby from a distance.

Baby monitors help to minimize the worry of being a new parent. When purchasing a new baby monitor, you should consider the video quality, security, and privacy measures in the device and how easy it is for you to set it up. Many brands can work with smartphones, enabling you to transmit pictures of your nursery straight to the device in your hand. Some machines come with their own separate uniquely configurable monitor.

The high-end devices include embedded temperature and humidity sensors. When shopping for baby products, including baby monitors, discounts and vouchers come in handy, such as the Elodie Details Discount Codes. In this write-up, we shall take a look at the best privacy-focused baby monitors for checking in on your sleeping child.

Best baby monitors for security-conscious parents

It is possible to hack baby monitors, and elite hackers spare no effort in exploiting vulnerable devices connected to the Internet. Some devices are more secure compared to more average offerings. The best reliable baby monitors include:

  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor (Optical Lens included)

This is a digital monitor that removes the ability to use the device on smartphones or anything that can be connected to Wi-Fi, including laptops and tablets. This sandboxing makes them more secure than baby monitors which utilize Wi-Fi networks to function. The system is designed to be closed-circuit and thus guarantees that your camera system is hack-proof.

  • Nest Cam Security Camera

This is a camera system that can be used as a home monitoring unit. It can also efficiently function as a baby monitor while in stationary mode. It comes with an inbuilt ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network to help you view your baby remotely. This device is the most secure of all the baby cams currently in the market. It requires a company subscription.

  • Levana Baby Monitors

These cams come equipped with ClearVu signaling, which is unique and patented to Levana. It is also a closed-circuit system. Only you can view the camera feed.

What you should know when purchasing a baby monitor

  1. Size– the receiver should be ideally small. This enables you to transport it around the house. 
  2. Low battery indicator– is vital for your device to have a low-battery sign to notify you if it runs out of juice. This keeps you always at hand to respond to your baby’s call.
  3. Frequency– many baby cam models make use of the 49MHz spectrum. The ones which utilize 900MHz offer longer ranges, but their signals are susceptible to interference from wireless phone systems.
  4. Security from an analog and digital point of view– the analog devices are less expensive. The drawback is that a hacker can listen in on the signals. Modern digital brands feature audio encryption and digital locking, which are used in video encryption.


Baby cams offer distinct advantages to any new parent who needs to keep tabs on their baby even from a distance. In this modern age, security is a significant factor affecting your baby monitor purchases.


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