Customize your style with Frontal Closure Wigs


Want to invest in the ultimate Lace Frontal Closure Wig? You have to check out ishowbeauty as their assortment is accurately one of a kind. Gazing into the mirror once more, you are refined and delicate. With confident hands, you put on your lace frontal closure wig with care. You know that people are going to admire your new look, admiring the boyish high cut at your forehead. The low pony back gives volume at the roots for a more natural flared hairstyle. Your fingers brushed against the scruff on your cheek–unheard of two years ago but now not seen as something strange or unusual–you were finally happy to show this feminine detail about yourselves without reservation. Showing off all of yourself!

Customized Frontal Closure Wig:

This lace frontal wig is perfect for those looking to wear a natural and holistic style. This wig is composed of 100% virgin human hair. It can be customized with any of your desired colors and lengths by our professional staff. The lace frontals at ishowbeauty are the right cards one can use to transform your look and beauty. They’re perfect for those who’ve lost their hair but still want that beautiful, flowing feel without actually having any hair at all; up or down, this synthetic lace will take you anywhere!

The Lace Frontal Closure Wig is the perfect solution for anyone looking to cover up or change their hairline yet stay true to themselves with the features that they love. It offers a woven design that results in a lightweight, comfortable, and easy product

100% human hair:

Are you looking for the perfect lace closure to make your wig look natural? Look no further. With our 4″ x 4″ lace frontal hair variety, we guarantee a natural-looking and durable finish on any wig. The polyester and soft French silk hair is made of 100% human hair with less than 1% synthetic fiber, so it’s high quality and easy to maintain.

First impressions mean everything in life, correct? So why would you compromise wearing an authentic lace frontal when developing such key relationships by using China synthetics? ishowbeauty has developed this new product that will allow clients the ability to wear something ravishing that doesn’t require maintenance or waxing monthly which can affect their everyday lives!

A durable product:

Welcome to the world of who’s going to be opening up their new 4×4 lace frontal closure wig. These versatile, natural-looking textured closure wigs has been called a favorite by many celebs and stylists because it fits well with all hair types. You can use this product as an authentic extension from your natural crown area or tease roots for transitioning fullness. For those beauties out there looking for a more dramatic look, this is perfect if you’re looking for deep parting and sexy lowlights blending in beautifully curly textures down the length of the unit. 100% human hair is the ideal durable accessory that results in no shedding, tangle, and matting, cuticle holding, etc. It will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.


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