How to Wear Skingraft Fashion?

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an urban-fetish mashup of McQueen and Ishioka. This fashion line is an inspired amalgam of two contrasting worlds, ancient and modern. It’s also a great place to find a piece of skin graft fashion. Read on to learn how to wear it and what you should know before wearing it.

It’s accessible to everyone.

A new brand of high-end women’s apparel, Skingraft, opened in the Fashion District and is now available at many stores. Originally located in downtown Los Angeles, the brand was one of the few retailers selling high-end clothing in the area. In 2014, the brand moved to a larger space on the corner of Spring and 8th streets, not far from the Fashion District. Unfortunately, the store is closed, as luxury apartment buildings are being constructed in the neighborhood.

The designer, Jonny Cota, is a California native who developed his affordable women’s clothing line, which he calls “accessible luxury.” It’s spring 2011 collection was a major hit at Los Angeles Fashion Week, where it quickly became available at some of the city’s most prestigious stores. Opening Ceremony in Tokyo and Atrium in New York had already picked up Skingraft. In Los Angeles, H. Lorenzo selected the label as the retailer for the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival.

Cota’s passion for fashion led him to design clothing for circus troupes. He eventually decided to quit performing to design clothes and start his clothing line. The company grew quickly, and in 2006, Cota and his brother, Christopher, redesigned vintage leather jackets and began producing streetwear. Their success helped launch a new avant-garde style that is now accessible to all.

It’s inspired by something ancient.

Using a wide variety of sources, Skingraft has designed collections that draw from various cultures. Inspiration has included African body modification, Santeria rituals, Mongolian mountain tribes, and rave culture. The designer has also drawn on the philosophies and aesthetics of LA Latino metalheads and motorcycle futurism to create clothing that is both modern and reminiscent of the past.

Cota is a former stilt-walker for the vaudeville troupe El Circo in San Francisco, and he learned to make garments from his colleagues. Cota sourced vintage leather garments from Goodwill to create his first designs. Each of his hand-sewn jackets took a week to complete. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, and Grace Jones have worn his designs.

After the company’s inception five years ago, Jonny Cota’s Spring 2011 collection debuted at Los Angeles Fashion Week. At that point, the brand was already available in influential Los Angeles and New York boutiques. Opening Ceremony in Tokyo and Atrium in New York picked up the brand. In Los Angeles, H. Lorenzo selected the brand’s collection as its representative at the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival.


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