Is It Okay For Human Hair To Get Wet?


It’s understandable why ladies who lose their hair grieve as though they’ve lost a considerable part of themselves or they’ve lost their self-confidence. Our hairdo is an extension of our identity; it expresses who we are to the rest of the world while also helping us feel attractive; it also plays a considerable role on our appearance by giving us different looks on different occasions.

Human hair wigs can help you change the sadness of losing your hair by allowing you to preserve your appearance. It can also provide you with a fresh look.

Moreover, you do not necessarily have to transform your personality once you start wearing human hair wigs; your can carry on as usual because nothing aside from your appearance has changed.

Owning and maintaining a wig can make you constantly doubt yourself, especially if it’s human hair. This is because human hair wigs are quite expensive. So, you will always want to treat them with extreme caution. This article have compiled a list of questions wig owners often ask about their wigs getting wet and their answers. Read on to discover more.

Is it okay for human hair to get wet?

Yes, wet human hair wigs are very acceptable. When you purchase your human hair wigs, the seller would tell you to wash them regularly to keep them looking good and to make them last longer. Apparently, they get wet when being cleaned. So, yes, getting your wig wet is very acceptable.

Can you swim with your wig?

Yes, you certainly can. You can wear your wig to the seaside, the swimming pool, or the reservoir. But an important point to note is that if you are going to expose your wigs to chlorinated, salty, or maybe contaminated pool water, you should, at the very minimum, take appropriate care of them subsequently.

Proper maintenance of your wigs would help them last longer. In the summertime, this entails cleaning it as quickly as possible after swimming. You should remove all toxic materials from your wig immediately after swimming so not to harm the hair.

Also, apply a leave-in moisturizer after you’ve removed the toxic particles from your wig and washed it. Moisturizing conditioners retain hydration and keep your hair looking great.

Is it feasible to wash your human hair wigs?

Yes, it is a distinct possibility. In reality, wig owners should always wash their wigs regularly. This is to ensure that they last up to two years. When washing your wigs, it is best advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To extend the lifespan of your wig, wash it with shampoo and lukewarm water.


You should understand that it is okay for your human hair wigs to get wet, but not so wet that they’re soaked. This is because human hair wigs can’t be as natural as virgin hair.

When bathing, curl your wig up carefully and cover it with a swim cap, making sure your forehead is dry. If a showering bonnet isn’t enough, use a headscarf or something similar to keep the water from dripping off your forehead.


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