Pressure Washing Smart Lock System Fence


The smart lock is an automation device used for security purposes and having a fence with a smart lock system is quite fascinating. Pressure washing the fence is a bit tricky but not a difficult task. Cleaning a deck or fence by hand at least is far more difficult and time-consuming than pressure washing or power cleaning it. These pointers can assist you in getting started with your cleanup task.

Tips on cleaning fence

Pressure washing is by far the most effective technique to renew your fence. But, keep in mind that pressure washers must be quite effective in order to eliminate dirt and grime from edges.

Cleaning your fence has the purpose of removing the thin coating of deadwood particles that gives an aged wooden fence its translucent appearance. Once the fresh wood has been uncovered, it can be coated or covered up from moisture-related degradation.

Here are some tips on cleaning fences with pressure washers:

  • An electric pressure washer can be rented or purchased.
  • To protect the soil and shrubs around the fence, lay down plastic covering.
  • Make sure you’re using the right nozzle heads.
  • To avoid harming the fence, keep the nozzle one to two feet away.
  • Make sure you use chilled water.
  • Observe all safety precautions.

Power wash the fence: staining process

Applying the stain is the most imortant part in this process. Trying to remove the impurities from fence and spraying stain on the fence is one of the most crucial procedures in the process of staining.

Pressure washing is the most easy and accurate method of cleaning before this process of staining. Scrape any previous polish and any filth, grease, or any other type of impurities before using any form of finish. Otherwise, if you don’t do that then your stain may not work properly.

Pressure washing and cleaning the fence is necessary. If you don’t do this then the stain will remain above the existing stain, along with the other impurities that might be sticking to the surface of fence, and it will cause the new reagent to peel away. Power washing the fence will eliminate any flaws that might show through the stain’s coating. Furthermore, pressure washing the wood before staining eliminates any material that has accumulated between the grains. It prevents bacteria and fungus from forming.

Safety measures

The most crucial aspect of operating a pressure washer is to stay safe while doing so. Follow these guidelines to protect your life and the protection of everyone else while using a pressure washer:

  • Never stick your hand next to a pressure washer’s nozzle spray.
  • Never point the nozzle at other individuals, children, pets, or non-pressure-washable things.
  • One should stand at least 3-4 feet away from the surface that is pressure washed.
  • When swapping nozzle tips or not using the pressure washer, engage the locking system on the sprayer’s handle.
  • While standing on a staircase, never use a pressure washer.  You can fall off the ladder due to kickback and force.
  • When using a pressure washer, wear protective eyewear.


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