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This Week in Review: August 2, 2015

Well, this should probably be more of a “these past four months in review” but hey, what are you gonna do?

So what have I been up to since March?

photo 1

My favorite people in the whole world came to visit.

dog in birthday hat

Maeby turned 3. I love this picture and I love this dog.

connecticut trees

I headed back to Connecticut to see family, friends, and celebrate my grandmother’s 99th birthday.

A week later, I had to go back during one of the hardest moments of my life.

dog san diego beach

Upon returning after my second trip to Connecticut, I spent a lot of time focusing on myself. Time at the beach with Maeby definitely helped.

houston skyline

I headed to Houston for work.

del mar sunset

Caught some amazing sunsets while my mom and her boyfriend were in town…

torrey pines san diego

Hiked Torrey Pines with them…

petco park at night san diego

Caught a Padres game at Petco Park.

rain in san diego

Survived a pretty epic thunderstorm in San Diego and the first real rain storm we’ve gotten in a looooong time.

dog adoption event san diego

And met this handsome guy while volunteering at an adoption event.


Obviously this isn’t all that I’ve been doing, but definitely some highlights. I’d say over the past few months, there have been some incredible lows and some very incredible highs, but overall, everything has been good.

I’ll get into the details of life’s lows a little later on, but for now, I want to know:

What’s been the highlight of your summer so far?

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This Weekend in Photos: July 4-6


Fourth of July in San Diego.

What can I say about it?

I had the day off, and was thrilled about it since I’d heard great things from everyone about it. We have beaches everywhere, fireworks all over the county (including something like 5 or 6 launching areas just in the city of San Diego), and it’s apparently a ton of fun.

For the first time in my life, I live in a tourist destination, and this was especially evident on July 4th. We initially thought we’d grab a fire pit at Fiesta Island and spend the day there grilling and hanging out with the dogs, but when we realized fireworks would be launched from the island, and there’s only a one-lane road on and off of it, we decided against it. Some of my friends ended up in Coronado, some went to the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, and some partied it up in Pacific Beach.

With all the usual beach traffic, along with all the tourists, we thought we’d keep it simple and fun. A group of us grabbed some cheap Padres tickets and headed downtown via Lyft (<–if you don’t already have it, sign up with this link and get a free ride up to $25!). First, we stopped off at Bub’s at the Ballpark just outside of Petco Park, where we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. Once we all met up, we headed into the park, grabbed a couple of beers, found our seats, and took in the view of downtown San Diego while watching the game.


petco park section 306 fourth of july

After the Padres beat the Giants (duh), we walked around downtown a little and met up with some of our other friends at the Tipsy Crow. We love this bar and have a few friends that work there, so it’s always nice to stop in and hang out for awhile.

Later, we all took a Lyft back to our place where we took it easy until 10 p.m., when we drove the five minutes down to Mission Bay Park, where we caught the fireworks launching from Fiesta Island. The best part? We managed to avoid the hours of traffic that apparently plagued the rest of San Diego (including my friends who ended up stuck on Coronado Island for a few hours).


Since Friday’s recap was a little longer, we’ll keep this brief…

Took Maeby to Fiesta Island in the morning to run and swim…

fiesta island dog

And a few of us grabbed ramen in the afternoon from Tajima

tajima spicy ramen

Maeby also got her new Red Sox bandana that we bought for her while we were in Boston (and she managed to sit like a weirdo)…

red sox dog bandana


Woke up early and went for a quick run with Maeby. After that, I met up with my friend Kayla (and her dog Lilo), and went to Nate’s Point Dog Park in Balboa Park.

balboa park dog park

The dogs were worn out by the end of it. It was pretty hot out…

balboa park dog park dogs

…but we loved the park.

We hadn’t been there before, and it was huge, with some grassy spots and a little bit of shade. We will definitely be going back.

Then Maeby drove us home…

maeby driving

How was your 4th of July weekend?