Halloween is a time of the year where you can explore your inner possibilities and act out your fantasies. Having evolved over the years, people can barely trace the origin of the Halloween celebration as well as the costuming to its beginning of being protection from ghosts believed to roam the earth on Halloween.

Even if people no longer believe in ghosts, Halloween still gives people a chance to dress up to be what they want for that day. That can range from your favorite TV character to a supernatural being, an animal, or even someone out of your regular style. Simply put, Halloween is the time to play dress-up.

To satisfy the need to tend to our fantasies on Halloween over the years, costumes and masks productions have been tended to over the years, you can get costumes or masks to depict your favorite TV characters in the market the next Halloween after the series starts airing.

Some of the Purge Halloween costumes you can explore

The Purge, an American anthology of films is not exempted from the movies creating the innovation on how to dress up for Halloween. The films which center on exposing what will happen if committing crimes were made legal in society, even for as short a period as twelve hours every year have given birth to creative dressing items including clothes, makeups, and most masks.

The masks are even more prominent because ‘The Purge: Election Year’ made in 2016 contains several mask designs you can model your Halloween look after. You should keep reading to see if a purge halloween costume catches you attention for the next Halloween:

1. Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is one of the most memorable Purgers, shown in ‘The Purge: Election Year’. He is a tourist who joined some of the purgers dressed in patriotic symbolized ways imitating presidents and patriotic figures, with the gore though.

2. Kiss me

Evoking the scare that one can get when seeing a woman dressed in a white dress which can be associated with being bridal, however, sprinkled with blood. The Kiss me mask is what Kimmy, the character wearing the dress paired with it. A character who came to exact vengeance on the only night she can freely commit crimes, Kimmy is one of the minor characters that one is sure to remember from ‘The Purge: Election Year’.

3. Smiling Masks

Donned by a gang of suit and dress-wearing youths right in the first series of the anthology, the smiling face might not have seemed out of ordinary. A human face smiling while showing its perfect face, the mask lacks the overall scary details associated with other masks in the series. However, the unusually round cheeks with too thin eyebrows and sharp jaws can leave one feeling eerily chilly even while staring at the smile.

4. Lady Liberty

The tourist attack in ‘The Purge: Election Year’ includes the appearance of a lady dressed as lady liberty, with some grotesque differences, of course. Dressed in a green dress sprinkled with blood, she pairs it with a light-up mask topped with the pointed tips of the lady liberty statue’s iconic crown.

5. The Face of God

One of the masks that makes the most iconic and unforgettable appearance in The Purge: Anarchy is a man dressed in a white mask smeared with make-up, with the inscription God on it. This mask has made appearances in many costume shops and pop culture appearance ever since it was first seen in the movie. The reason for its popularity may not be far-fetched, the face of God represents the ultimate face, in the purge, of chaos.


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