The Five Standard Hose Reel Mounting Techniques

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There are four different styles of mounting a hose reel: wall mount, wood-post mount, hand cranking, and spring-driven. Here, we’ll discuss each method and why they’re useful. Ultimately, the type of mounting you choose depends on where the reel will be. For example, wall mount reels can be used close to a wall. Post-mounted reels are typically attached to posts, usually placed in strategic locations, such as a corner or in the center of a room.

Wall-mounted hose reels

The five standard wall-mounted hose reel mounts are the most common methods used to install a hose reel on the wall. Each technique is suitable for different types of hoses. These reels have a 360-degree swivel and are suspended from a sturdy frame by a brass pin. The reel features an easy-to-reel handle and a solid brass pin for durability and corrosion resistance.

A hose reel should be anchored using stainless steel lag bolts in a stud wall. These fasteners have weight ratings of fifty to one hundred pounds. They come in several sizes and require pre-drilling. They are cheap but must be long enough to go through the stucco. For masonry surfaces, a stud must be installed. If a wall is unsuitable for a wall-mounted hose reel, use a wood-lag screw.

Wood-post mount hose reels

While stationary hose reels are meant for permanent wall mounting, portable hose reels can be wheeled around. There are also free-standing stakes that can be set anywhere. It is important to know the exact size and capacity of the hose reel you plan on purchasing because the size can vary. In addition, you should consider where the water spigot will be located. If your fixture is in a difficult location, you can choose a model with a built-in problem-solving system.

Another popular wood-post mount hose reel type is the Eley Post Garden Hose Reel. This model features an easy-to-install wall plate and stainless steel mounting hardware. It also has a stainless steel and brass swivel, a 6.5-foot polyurethane inlet hose, and a Cam-Lever brake. A side-mounted hose storage area allows you to conveniently access your hose when you need it.

Spring driven hose reels

A spring-driven hose reel is a specialized type of hose storage device. These rewinders are made of heavy gauge steel, which offers extra stability. Several styles are available, including low, medium, and high-pressure spring reels. Some models feature an electrical cord with a five-foot lead and a grounding plug. There is a motor and a battery option for spring-driven hose reels.

Coxreels spring-driven hose reels are durable, heavy-duty storage and handling devices. They are designed to hold up to fifty feet of 3/8″ ID hose. Their sturdy, box-style design allows them to handle various hose types and withstand heavy use. They are also ideal for use in cleaning systems and pneumatic tools. Their large diameter swivel and double-axle support systems provide optimum stability and durability.

Hand cranking hose reels

Unlike traditional spring-driven and motor-driven retraction devices, hand cranking hose reels are not mechanically dependent on the retraction mechanism of the hose. Instead, the user turns the crank handle to rewind the hose while simultaneously turning the barrel. Hand cranking reels are more suitable for lighter-duty applications, while heavier-duty hoses require a spring-driven or motor-driven retraction system.

The Coxreels 1125 Series Hand Crank Hose Reels are highly durable and feature a single-piece, non-bolted, 12-gauge steel ‘A’-frame base. The hose reel is paired with heavy-duty steel discs for durability and smooth rotation. The Coxreels 1125-4-325 is ideal for landscapers, construction sites, and pressure washing. This hand crank hose reel has a locking pin and an extra-long handle for easy and convenient storage.

Motor-driven hose reels

There are three basic types of industrial hose reels that use mechanical energy to retract hoses. These can be electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, or combination systems. Motor-driven hose reels require little physical work on the operator’s part and are ideal for long hoses. They are also suitable for flammable or explosive environments. However, if you have limited space or want to mount multiple hose reels in the same location, you should carefully consider the following mounting techniques.

A high-quality motor-driven hose reel can accommodate longer lengths of high-pressure nozzles and higher volumes of liquid. This type of hose reel includes an all-bolted unitized construction, full-flow swivels, and vibration-proof fasteners. These hose reels are typically used with agricultural spraying and water hoses. Depending on the hose used, you may also need dual or ribbed hoses.


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