The Quality Of Human Hair Used In Making Hair Wigs


Hair wigs have been made from different human hair in the past. While initially they were made from synthetic hair, it was discovered that this was not the best quality. It would not take color in easily and always looked like plastic after a while. For anyone who wanted a wig that lasts, this was not the best option. On the other hand, wholesale human hair wigs had so many varieties that sellers would get confused on what they should go for. If you are in this predicament, worry not. Here are the main human hair variations used to make your hair wigs. Learning about them will help you choose what works for you.

1. Brazilian hair

One of the most common types of hair wigs in the market has to be Brazilian hair. People of African descent mostly use it since it looks so good on them. It has great density and volume and is frizz resistant. The hair can be colored and reused a couple of times, washed, and styled using heat. Its durability is another reason why most people prefer using it since they will get value for money. You can rest assured that the price you pay will be worth it when it comes to Brazilian hair wigs.

2. Malaysian hair

One of the notable things about Malaysian hair is the silky feel it has. Many people marvel at how jet black this hair is and how it manages to stay straight throughout the day. One feels like it has been ironed straight. Even though it is mostly straight, it holds curls and is perfect for heat styling. Based on its deep black color, dyeing or bleaching might not be an option for you. It does not take color well.

3. Peruvian hair

If you love hair with a bit of texture, you should try out Peruvian hair. Its multiple texture types make it the best option for you. It blends in seamlessly if you have relaxed hair, and not many people can tell the difference. It gives off a luxurious feel and is lightweight on your head. Compared to Indian and Brazilian hair, it does have a coarse feel to it. You can get it in curly, straight, or wavy variations but still, style it using heat.

4. Indian hair

One of the main reasons why people turn to Indian hair is its price and accessibility. You do not have to break your bank to have this kind of hair. Its main feature is it is versatile when it comes to style and very light. It is tangle-free, and you can style it using heat. Since it has a natural bounce, you can transition from straight to wavy without a struggle. It will hold up your curls well. It does not shed easily, which makes it durable. You might have to use anti-frizz products on it, however, because it starts to frizz fast.

Last thoughts

Getting the right type of human hair is what will determine your experience with your wig. Figure out what your needs are before you settle on the hair you feel will work for you. It will go a long way to ensure you get something you can use without an issue.


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