An Exceptional Garden Hose Reel for You


If you enjoy nature and are fortunate enough to have a garden in your home, keeping it in good shape should be your first concern. What’s a better way to do it than by investing money in equipment and tools that will make the job worthwhile? An excellent garden hose reel would therefore be your first purchase for the cause.

About the Company

Giraffe Tools is one of the most dominant companies when it comes to gardening-related equipment and gadgets of excellent quality, especially a hose reel. With its satisfactory invention of different garden hose reels with multiple functions, it has always left its buyers in awe and received positive feedback each time. With over 25 products on the list to choose from, you can rest assured that this brand will meet all of your gardening needs.

Other Applications of Garden Hose Reels

A garden hose reel does not only come in handy if you want to water your flourishing plants and blooming flowers. You can also use this conveniently designed equipment for numerous other functions, such as washing your car or cleaning far-off places with ease. And with the Giraffe retractable garden hose reel that’s up to 85 feet in length, this simple desire can become a reality. 

Key Features of Giraffe Garden Hose Reel:

The manufacturers are also well aware of the issues that may arise with many of the longer garden hose reels on the market. Therefore, to make things unchallenging, this incredible garden hose reel features a lock that can be inserted after you’ve unwounded to the desired length.

The Giraffe hose reel also offers automatic retract ability that saves you from the mess that comes with the kinking and tangling of the hose you would otherwise have to face. This requires a very minor pull that would draw the hose automatically back to its reel, saving you time as well as extra energy you can utilize elsewhere.

The most notable feature that makes the Giraffe garden hose reel better than its competitors would be its swivel bracket that allows full 180-degree rotation in any direction. This adds to the convenience, as many other hose reels do not have such functions and limit you to specific lengths. Furthermore, they require you to constantly remount the hose reel in different positions on the wall. How ironic is that!

There are more than 9 spray configurations available to select from. Whether you have a garden with delicate flowers or have planted wide rows of vegetables, with the Giraffe hose reel, you can change the spraying pattern accordingly. 

For fair price gardening equipment, Giraffe Tool has managed to include more than enough features, while staying within your budget. It is constructed using PVC and looks unbelievably attractive for such a mid-range price. The garden hose can also be easily replaced as the kit comes with a guidebook containing all the instructions you would need.


With a wide range of accessible options, choosing one that would serve your needs the most can be a pretty thought-requiring job. However, it is always a good idea to buy multi-functional devices and equipment, especially if you don’t want to empty your wallet. The Giraffe garden hose reel would, in that case, be your best gardening companion.


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