How To Test If Your Brazilian Hair Is Authentic Or Not


Brazilian hair is one of the top and most sought-after types of human hair in the hair extension industry. It is also one of the expensive types of hair. However, you may find some suspiciously cheap Brazilian hair from various sellers. More often than not, these retailers usually stick Brazilian hair tags on fake Brazilian hair. Therefore, it would help if you knew how to tell authentic Brazilian hair from the rest.

Tests you can perform to test the authenticity of Brazilian hair

Real Brazilian human hair, also known as Remy or Virgin Brazilian hair, is usually cut from a single donor. It is one of the best hair types on the market. Sadly, the market features a lot of fake Brazilian hair claiming to be the real thing. Below are some tests you can perform to check the authenticity of Brazilian hair;

1. The uniformity test

You can tell apart authentic from fake Brazilian hair by checking the uniformity of its strands. For instance, you can check if the strands feature a uniform color. Authentic Brazilian hair should have uniform strands with the same color and not a blend of color. Also, real Brazilian hair strands are likely to get lighter towards the end. Therefore, any hair bundle with flat colors from the beginning to the end is usually synthetic or manufactured.

2. The wet test

This is the easiest way to establish the authenticity of Brazilian hair. It is also easy to perform. All you need to do is wet a small batch of the hair. If the wet hair gets heavy, the high chances are that it is fake. Real Brazilian hair should hold its style, pattern, and weight even when it is wet.

3. The texture test

This is also a simple test that only requires you to feel the hair. Natural Brazilian hair usually has a coarse and natural texture. On the other hand, fake human hair is usually glossy and unnaturally soft or smooth.

4. The flame test

This test is not the best if you look to check if the hair is authentic before purchasing it. This is because no one will allow you to set their product on fire then not purchase it. However, you can use it on hair that you already own. All you have to do is light a candle and hover your hair over it. Natural Brazilian hair will start smoking. On the other hand, a fake Brazilian hair bundle will catch the flame. Remember to do this test in a well-ventilated room and have an extinguisher nearby.

Characteristics of real Brazilian hair

You can also check if the hair is real by checking if it features the following characteristics;

  • Natural Brazilian hair is often black or brown
  • It is coarse
  • It is usually neither too silky or straight

Final Take

It is also worth noting that authentic Brazilian hair usually has all its cuticles intact. For this reason, some people refer to it as the “cuticle hai.”Additionally, all its hair strands usually face the same direction.


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